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Wessel-Werk Turbo Carpet Brush
The TK270 turbo carpet brush is an effective nozzle for regular cleaning of carpets and rugs. The Turbo Carpet Brush is a non-electric tool for vacuuming using an air turbine driven brush roller system. Using powerful airflow of backpack or central vacuum cleaning systems the brush is propelled at high speed to beat and sweep soils and clingy debris from the surface and into the vacuums airflow collection stream.

The TK270 is manufactured in Germany like it's stylish cousin the TK280 floor nozzle. The TK270 sports it's brawn with a tough ABS cover and stainless steel wear points including the nozzles shoe (opening around the brush) for long lasting wear. The front and rear wheel axels are also steel while the tires are soft rubber for smooth tracking and easy transition from carpet to hard floors when needed. A flexible PVC wiper blade is centered behind the brush shoe which focuses airflow through the nozzle on carpets and helps control scatter on hard floors.

The turbine drive uses an automatic airflow regulator that allows air into the system if the bottom plate seals to the floor. The double impeller blade rides on two bearings and drive a geared belt system that spins the brush roller. The large intake orifice and easy open tool-less impeller cover will help to prevent clogging and allow for quick removal of any large objects accidently pulled into the nozzle.

The nozzle connector is the standard 32mm (1-1/4") friction fit used in central vacuums and many backpack & canister vacuums as well. The connection is full 360° swivel and tilts 30° to adjust to user heights and surface changes. The TK270 nozzle is 11 inches wide with a full depth of only 7 inches and weights just 2 lbs. If your current central vacuum or portable vacuum tool kit does not include an electric brush and you need to clean some limited areas of carpet or area rug and walk-off matts the TK270 is an excellent nozzle to add to your cleaning arsenal without having to upgrade your system to electric.

Black in color, sold 1 each.

Myraton MYR6750 Comfort Seal Stainless Steel Telescopic Vacuum Cleaner Wand
Need to boost the power of your Turbo Carpet Nozzle?
The new Myraton MYR6750 Comfort Seal Wand is designed to do just that for turbine drive nozzles like the Turbocat, Zoom and Wessel. Made specialy to increase the airflow delivered to Turbo nozzles and other vacuum tools, the Comfort Seal Wand can reduce performance robbing airflow leakage and increase performance up to 20% over traditional vacuum wands. Universal fitting telescopic wand fits most button lock vacuum hoses. Upgrade your wand and your Turbo Nozzle for better performance and ease of use.

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