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CVS-I 2 inch CVS Pipe Cutter
Using a steel blade tube cutter increases efficiency, speed and precession. Now a high quality and reasonably priced CVS tube cutter is available to everyone. FlipCut CVS tube cutter works great and is perfect for the DIY installer or the tradesman that performs central vacuum installation. A CVS tube cutter is a great help on any job site to quickly and accurately cut vacuum tubing without the clumsy hacksaw and sandpaper. FlipCut is an exceptional value as well at 1/2 the cost of aluminum and 1/3 the cost of steel CVS tube cutters.

The FlipCut is manufactured in rugged Polyamid (Nylon 66) with glass fiber reinforcement, an innovative thermoplastic known for it's rigidity, strength and durability in rough service applications. Polyamid construction also provides the user with lower tool weight, which is great on big install jobs. FlipCut uses a replaceable steel blade and also includes a spare blade which is stored in the handle for quick change outs if the bade should become damaged. FlipCut features a steel pivot bolt with a nylock nut that does not require removal in blade changes, unlike some of it's metal design cousins. A single PA set screw allows you to quickly set the cutting depth for easy and smooth cutting of all 2" CVAC tubing.

FlipCuts extra wide handle allows for more leverage than metal handle tube cutters and the nylon head does not mark up the PVC when turning under pressure like aluminum head cutters often do. FlipCut includes a cut mark site window that allows you to easily locate your center mark under the cut head. FlipCut provides a straight even cut that will give your vacuum installation full adhesion potential at each fitting. Tube sized with the FlipCut does not require deburing or sanding which will save you time and requires you to carry less tools to the jobsite. Vacdepot's own professional installers have tested the FlipCut on many jobsites for more than six months and found the new vacuum tube cutter worked exactly as expected in every situation. Get the FlipCut for your next CVS install.

Sold 1 each. Includes FlipCut CVS tube cutter and 2 replaceable blades (one loaded in cut head and one extra in handle).


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